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Different Racquetball Games You Can Play & Tips How To Play Them

Like any sport, there are several different interesting game variations of Racquetball, which are fun and can accommodate various players depending on court availability. Once you have become comfortable with your "Ektelon Equipment," are familiar wi the "Rules of the Game," and have spent some time on a "Racquetball Court," the following are different games you can play.

Singles Racquetball

2 Players compete against each other. Requires continuous all court play. Standard rules apply.
In & Out

3 Players compete against each other. Standard rules apply with the following exception: One player serves, one player returns service and one player stands out against the back wall until each rally is over. Then after each rally, all players rotate. Therefore, before the next rally begins, the player who was out enters play as a receiver to return the serve and the player that lost the rally is now out against the back wall.

The player who wins the rally, regardless if they served or returned the serve, always starts each rally with the serve.

Each player keeps track of their own individual points and the first player to 15 or 11 is the winner. The key to keep this game fun and safe is for the player standing against the back wall to always be watching the play of the other two players and constantly move to the opposite side of the court from where the ball is.

Cut Throat Racquetball

3 Players compete against each other. Standard rules apply with the following exception: One player serves to tow players who are both competing against him. If the server loses serve he rotates into one side of the court and plays with a partner against the server. Therefore, the server is playing singles against a doubles team.

Two on One

3 Players compete against each other. Standard rules apply, with the following exception: The same two players compete against the same one player for the entire game. The singles player plays singles and has one service opportunity. The other two players play as a "doubles team" and as always get two service opportunities. This is a very difficult game for the singles player to win. It is a game that calls for good conditioning and stamina, especially if you are the server. This is also and excellent game to play if one player is significantly better than the other two players.

Doubles Racquetball

4 Players play as "Teams" of two players each and compete against each other as teams. Each player on each team has a service opportunity. Both must lose serve for a side to out. Standard rules apply. Each team alternates hitting the ball until one team wins the rally or a sideout results.

This game calls for "team play" and demands communication between team mates. Also, strategy requires ongoing adjustment and with a crowded court of 4 players. Make sure to hold-up on your shot whenever you are close to a player. Once the get the hang of doubles, it is extremely fun and very social.


Remember, racquetball games don't have to be to 15. You can play to 11, 15, 21, or even 100 - whatever you like, as long as you're having fun!

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