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How to Choose a Racquetball Racquet

The racquetball racquet is absolutely the most important piece of equipment because it's the primary link between you and the ball.

Racquet technology has advanced a great deal in the last 25 years and with a little effort and advice from your local Pro, you can find the right racquet that will complement your style of game.

Once you move up to the intermediate and advanced levels of play, the "right" racquet can be extremely helpful towards helping you improve your game.

Ektelon offers several different kinds of racquets for all levels of play. There are a few key attributes of a racquet that you should be aware of during the evaluation phase.

Fist is control, a byproduct of a racquet determining how low the ball remains on the strings. The quality and gauge of strings also affects the amount of "control" exhibited by a racquet. A racquet flexes during impact with the ball and because control is enhanced at the sacrifice of some power, you can place shots more effectively.

A racquet will generate more power if it effectively transfers the force of your stroke into the ball and makes it move faster. Typically, power is related to a racquet's stiffness. The stiffer the racket, the better it transfers your swinging force to the ball. Another factor which will affect the amount of power which can be generated is string gauge and how tight your racquet is strung. A racquet strung at a lower tension will generate more power, while sacrificing some control. Generally speaking, it amounts to player preference and style as to what gauge of string and how tightly to string a racquet. Always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and stay within those guidelines.

Choosing the right racquet can make a tremendous difference to your racquetball game. There are many racquets from which to choose, all with significant differences. How do you sort through all the features and benefits to find the racquet that's just perfect for you?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Seek professional advice.
2. Identify your playing style.
3. Experiment with demo racquets.
4. Select the correct head size.
5. Select the correct head shape.
6. Select your grip size.

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