Some people watch sports and people who participate in it. For every individual, racquet sports are important. People watch tennis, badminton, squash, etc. But the most played sport in most cities in the Canada is racquetball. Racquetball is a very simple, fast paced sport. It is great for your health and can be played indoors and outdoors.

Equipment Used In Racquetball

Racquetball is a simple sport. It was created by Joe Sobek who tried to make a game which was easy to learn and play. He came up with racquetball which was based on handball, squash, and paddleball. Thus there are only a few types of equipment used in racquetball:

  • A racquetball court: A racquetball court is a 40ft high, 20ft wide and 20ft high area. There are lines drawn as the boundaries.
  • A racquet: It is a paddle similar to a tennis racquet. The length is stated to be 22 inches. The racquet is shorter than the tennis racquet.
  • Racquetball: It is a soft rubbery hollow ball.
  • Eye guards: Since it is a fast paced game, it is important to wear eye guards to prevent injury from the rebound.
Availability of the equipment:

Racquetball is a common sport in Canada. Various major competitions like the U.S open have made it a popular sport in every household. Many people, both young and old, of every class, indulge in racquetball. Its simplicity and health benefits have made it popular among fitness freaks.

Practice Racquetball

This equipment is available all over the country. There are racquetball clubs, where you can practice racquetball. In some of these clubs, they have spare racquets for their members. Most sports shops provide racquets, ball, and guards. Thus it is convenient to buy equipment.

The cost of racquets varies, depending on the material. There are many high-end products which are priced around $1000 whereas, there are models worth 15$ too. The reason for availability and popularity of this game is its simple rules and the minimum requirement. You require a racquet and a ball and a wall just to enjoy the game among friends.

How to choose a good racquet

There is a variety of different things that you must consider when buying a racquetball racquet. The requirements are:

  • The weight of the racquet: It is relative as it depends on everyone’s strength the method of determining the weight. But what is important is how the weight affects you when you swing. Swing a racquet to check the weight. If your swing is slow, it is heavy for you. Then again many prefer a heavy racquet. This is because it provides you with more momentum in your shots.
  • Determine the balance: Use the racquet and check the balance of the racquet. A heavy head racquet is suitable for someone who uses the increasing swing weight to gain momentum. An even balance racquet has it balance exactly in the middle of the racquet.
  • Grip size: The grip size determines how comfortably you can hold the racquet. Most go for the smaller size out of preference.
  • Price: The price an important factor. There are racquets which are available quite cheap. Some of them also satisfy all the previous requirements of a good racquet.